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Learn The Secrets of Making Huge Money
From The Master Deal Maker Himself!


That's how long it took WealthClasses to convince the "Master Deal Maker" to put this class together!

Imagine this...

How would YOU like to capture a very successful, well respected and experienced investor and be able to lock him up in a room for two days where he could teach you the SECRETS he has used to close over 1,500 deals of all sizes and types of real estate?

Well, now you can.

You can finally learn how to master the SECRETS of “Deal Making” in this class. You will walk away with an understanding of how to build a TEAM and what it takes to put together real estate deals using OPM (Other Peoples Money), OPC (Credit), OPR (Resources), and OPS (Skills), while skillfully using alternative financing methods and entities. You will learn how to apply this knowledge while making HUGE PROFITS for you and your investors.

Let's start with some basics first.

What is a "deal maker"?

A "Deal Maker" is a person that can instinctively recognize the difference between a good and a great deal and how, when possible, to restructure what was a good deal into a great deal. No matter how big or how small the venture may be or the type of real property involved, a "Deal Maker" is the expert in assembling due diligence materials to attract potential investors, while knowing how to structure a deal, including the use of the best entity needed to assure that the venture is successful and profitable for everyone, A true Deal Maker's attitude is that of "TEAM" and everyone wins or no one plays the game. A "Deal Maker" is or should always be AUTHENTIC.

The "Deal Maker" brings the real estate deal, the financing, resources and the team together.

Financing includes the "credit" partners, the "cash" partners, the lenders, and structuring any secondary financing, etc.

The team a Deal Maker puts together includes real estate brokers, various attorneys, mortgage lenders, title company, etc.

What makes deal making so exciting? Knowing how YOU can work on any size deal with the lender of your choice, while having very little to none of your own money invested in the deal.

Deal Makers also make the most money!!

So does a Deal Maker work hard?


And they get paid WELL for it!

In fact most real estate investors get involved in real estate to become a Deal Maker!

"Ron Schwartz is truly a GREAT deal maker. Anyone trained or mentored by Ron is getting the best of the best!"

George Antone

Being a Deal Maker can result in the high net-worth many real estate investors dream about!

Think about the richest real estate TYCOON in your city, and I will show you a DEAL MAKER!!!

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Can ANYONE become a Deal Maker?

Fortunately, not everyone!

Only those people willing to be aggressive, a calculated risk taker with a “WIN – WIN" ATTITUDE, that are persistent go-getters willing to take the time to seek out the really great deals, while learning how to become a mega Deal Maker will succeed.

Seems like a lot? That's exactly why Deal Makers make HUGE money!

Only the few willing to go through all that deserve that kind of money!

As a Deal Maker, you can...

  • Rise quickly among the ranks to join the "big boys"
  • Build massive net-worth
  • Play the "big-game", the way you dreamt when you played Monopoly® as a kid
  • Become a prominent figure in your city's real estate development circles

We uncover all the secrets of becoming a Master Deal Maker in our upcoming mastery class.

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Ron Schwartz is known by his colleagues as the “Master Deal Maker.” He has extensive, in the trenches, experience, and with 35 years of real estate deal making under his belt, he stands out as one of the best people to learn from to assure success for you and your potential investors!

Remember it took WealthClasses two years to convince Ron to hold this very informative class. If you are or want to become a "Deal Maker", this is a class you do not want to miss. Even if you do not want to be a "Deal Maker", this is a class you want to add to your agenda, so that you can understand what to look for when a "Deal Maker" presents a real estate opportunity to you. Either way, this is a class you must not miss!

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The Deal Making Mastery was developed for anyone who decides building a very high net worth is important to them, who also have the characteristics mentioned above.

The Deal Making Mastery will give you the knowledge you need to do this for a lifetime. All you have to do is commit to doing this on a part-time basis.

Become part of the elite group known as
"Master Deal Makers"

REGISTER NOW and reserve YOUR seat!!!

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